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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 14, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. good evening, everyone. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. breaking news in san francisco tonight. the bomb squad has been called into the outer sunset district. >> police responded to reports of a suspicious device in judah at around 6:00 this evening. jean elle is live on the scene and has the latest for us. >> reporter: people out here are rattled. they heard an explosion tonight, just before 9:00.
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this happened on 46th avenue in a house. you can see firefighters are standing outside of that house. this explosion did start a small fire that is now out. police tell me the explosion was caused by the san francisco police department's bomb squad. they were called out here to check out a suspicious device, and they detonated that device inside the house. we have pictures of the store on the corner, the corner store next to the home where the windows were blown out. and some plaster was damaged as a result of that explosion. police tell me no one was hurt. san francisco police say this all started yesterday. relatives of a man who recently passed away were going through his house and found a trunk. inside they say they found something that looked like a fire extinguisher. but today they thought more about it and weren't sure what it was, so they called police. when officers came out, they called the bomb squad. the bomb squad came out here tonight, look a look and decided the safest way to handle it was
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to detonate it inside that house. so they did evacuate people on 46th and judah, and then detonated that device just before 9:00 tonight. that explosion did cause a small fire, that the fire department did respond to. the fire is out, but police and fire are still here, i'm told no one was hurt in this incident. but the incident is still under investigation while police do not think there's any danger of another explosion. clearly they have a lot of house to go through, to make sure nothing else suspicious or explosive is in this house. they haven't told us what this device is, but the danger is over. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> jean, thank you. now to another story tonight. firefighters battled this blaze near antioch. our chopper above the scene. three homes destroyed. 11 people evacuated. fortunately, no injuries reported. but plenty of flames and smoke. it is now completely under control, but crews are still on
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site. our fire danger remains high, especially in the east and south bay. tonight's fire was across the water from the about -- antioch marina. it's a seemingly never ending fire season. emergency money to fight these fires is running out. we have live team coverage tonight. chase, how much money are we talking about here? >> reporter: cal fire says it's costing nearly $4 million a month to continue to battle these wildfires like the one that happened just this afternoon. and the problem is that cal fire is down to only about 11% of their emergency fund left for the year. by the way, that year for them still has 5 1/2 more months to go. this is also the time of year when firefighters and their equipment are supposed to be getting a rest.
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born as just a 10-foot wide brush fire, flames quickly spanned 50 acres, forcing evacuations and swallowing a building whole. but take note of this very cal fire helicopter. this time of year, this chopper would normally be on the ground getting repaired. >> all these hours we're flying aircraft are just going to have an impact on the backside come spring or summer. >> reporter: which means cal fire is having to juggle, keeping firefighters busy maintaining their equipment, performing annual maintenance and of course, staying ready during a fire season that just won't quit. >> it's more typical of an august day, not january 14. >> reporter: the director, janet upton, is not alarmed but is realistic. our sunny, dry winter brings a stormy financial forecast.
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>> for every peppy we spend out of that emergency fund now, it impacts the spring and summer months when we would normally be hitting that fund up for expenditures of this nature. it's highly unusual to be spending money from the emergency fund in january. >> reporter: with only $20 million left, cal fire will likely have to ask for millions more and start hiring more, bringing seasonal firefighters back months ahead of schedule. and just to be clear, cal fire says there's not a situation where they would run out of money to fight these wildfires. they may have to ask for more money from sacramento to do that and they are in discussions right now about possibly bringing back 125 seasonal firefighters many months early. of course, this depends on the weather forecast. for that, let's check in with meteorologist jeff ranieri. i know these firefighters would love some good news. >> unfortunately, it's not coming in the next 7 to 10 days.
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right now, winds from 15 to 40 miles per hour. oakland hills today at 44 miles per hour. half moon bay at 29. with that said, windy forecast tomorrow. red flag fire warning here. areas around napa and also sonoma, up above 1,000 feet will be at the highest risk through thursday morning. right down that 580 and 680 corridor here, surrounding dublin, livermore. and for the south bay, just off to the east of downtown san jose and the eastern foothills where we could have winds gust 15 to 30 miles per hour with lowering humidity tomorrow. coming up, details on who will reach the mid 70s tomorrow. you're going to be surprised about the location that will be hitting this coming up. now to an nbc bay area followup. a fire that killed two men in palo alto on friday night
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started by accident in the kitchen. because of the extensive damage done to the home, firefighters aren't sure exactly what the cause is. but they think it may have been an electrical appliance or perhaps a cigarette. two weeks into the new year, and tonight san jose police are investigating the city's third homicide. someone shot a man while people were just getting home from work and kids playing outside. people who live there just couldn't believe it. >> it bothers me, and when i first moved in, i never lived in complexes where there's gunshots or body bags. i was always safe in other apartments. >> investigators have been going door to door interviewing people, but they have no suspects. the victim's identity has yet to be released. a break in the case of another san jose homicide. police arrested this man from hayward. andrew rodriguez is charged with the shooting death of pedro hernandez 679 hernandez was found with a gunshot wound in
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san jose last november. police believe the crime is gang related. new tonight at 11:00, police are looking for a man who witnesses say punched a woman, forced her into a car, and then sped off. this happened around 2:00 this afternoon on bridge road. this is a residential area, just up the street from the mills health center. multiple witnesses say they saw an argument between a man and woman. the man punched that woman and told her to get into a car. the woman yelled for witnesses to call police. after putting the woman into the car, the suspect drove off. >> it is a quiet area of town, so it's very unusual to have it occur here. we had good witnesses, but they were a little rattled by what happened. >> police are asking anyone with information about this to give them a call. more public outrage over the shooting death of a 13-year-old and the way protesters say they were treated in the aftermath. city council members heard public comments on last year's
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killing of andy lopez. a deputy shot the teen because he thought lopez was carrying a real weapon. protests followed, including this one, where residents marched to city hall. today, one resident said the protesters were treated like terrorists instead of taxpayers just trying to be heard. >> i want the public involved, i want to have a debate, maybe a town hall and talk about why that happened on that day. >> there was a separate task force investigating andy lopez's death. that task force will make recommendations. another small earthquake rattled the bay area tonight. a 3.3 magnitude hit just before 9:00 near gilroy. last night, two small quakes shook the north and south bay. new housing, new companies. the silicon valley continues to
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grow. tonight, a new proposal but it comes with a price tag. a toll lane for the 85 freeway. this is a major artery that connects mounty view to south san jose. george kiriyama has more. >> reporter: right now on highway 85, if you want to get around the commute, you can car pool, but only if you have two people in the car. in the next few lanes, a diamond lane may become an express lane. michelle says she would only pay if she had to. >> unless it was extremely congested in the other two lanes and i had to get somewhere quickly, then i would. >> reporter: michael says he doesn't like the idea of paying to drive. he says he already pays enough in gasoline and taxes. >> i think it's crazy. it's just revenue, anything you can do to get more money out of
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car drivers who already pay a lot. >> reporter: but this engineer says the money raised from the express lane would go back to highway 85. >> what it does is puts funds back to the same corridor where you can use it to, you know, use it for operations and maintenance of the future corridor. >> reporter: the plan is to convert the car pooling from south san jose to mountain view and turn it into an express lane. some area also have a double express lane. the vta will improve traffic flow and ease congestion. it's convinced solo drivers will be willing to pay a couple extra bucks. >> you're providing solo drivers a choice that you don't have today, because some of them might want to get somewhere. do they need to get to a hospital for an appointment, a job interview or perhaps to daycare in time. >> reporter: solo drivers will need to have a transponder to drive in the express lane. car pool lanes can continue to
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drive in the lane for free. but michelle is not convinced it will improve traffic and doesn't think drivers will want to pay the extra money. >> it would make it worse for the other two lanes. it's already bad enough when the car pool lanes are in operation during the operation hours, it's bad enough. >> reporter: george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. still ahead here at 11:00, should you bring baby to that fancy dinner? the tweet by a prominent chef that sparked the debate ant when children should be left at home. also, prepare to pay up. the important ruling that could cost you more money for online content, like netflix. and eggs, drugs and an arrest. details of a police raid in justin bieber's mansion. i just haven't realized i'm going to the olympics yet. >> meet the bay area teenager going for figure skating gold in sochi. we're back in a moment.
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counting down to sochi. it has been 22 years since a female figure skater from the bay area has qualified for the olympics. back then, christy yamaguchi. now paulina edmonds. >> tomorrow morning she has a full load of classes in high school. but in three weeks, she'll be in the spotlight. here's kris sanchez. >> reporter: when paulina edmonds saw her score from this short program in boston this weekend, she says she thought she could make the olympic team. but still, it has. sunk in. >> i just haven't really set
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into the fact that i'm going to the olympics yet. so i just still feel like all normal, like i just came home and i think in a few days it will start to sink in and i'll be really excited. >> reporter: neighbors put signs up to welcome her at home, and her school congratulated her with this banner. but she's been working to make the olympics for years. we first met her four years ago as she trained at san jose for the vancouver olympics. her mother, nina, is one of her three coaches. but it wasn't just her motherly pride telling her daughter had a gift. she's also a professional coach trained in russia. now her daughter will compete in her homeland. >> of course it's a dream come true and very exciting for us. >> reporter: her other coaches say the 15-year-old has a good chance of medaling in sochi, as long as she can do the work and
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stay calm. >> she has the rare ability as a figure skater to do the most difficult jumps in skating and make them look easy and light and effortless. >> paulina has one of the strongest routines in the world. if she is able to handle all this pressure, olympic pressure, she definitely has a good chance to be in the top three. >> reporter: and it seems she has the whits to nail that, as well as she does the most technical elements in her routine. >> when you're out there and in your starting position, you just have to tell yourself that you can do it because you've been doing it all year. >> reporter: kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> she was on skates when she was 20 months old, amazing. she isn't the first olympian to walk the halls of that high school. carey walsh jennings is a legend in beach volleyball. and soccer legend brandy
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chastain also an alum. she's won two golds along with a silver. one more olympic note. a sister act that embodies the spirit of the games. twin sisters, tracy and lanny, had streams of competing in sochi. while tracy earned a spot on team usa last weekend, her sister had to watch from the sidelines with an illness. until tracy announced she was giving up her spot on the team to her twin sister. when asked why, she says, love means giving up your dreams so someone else can realize theirs. >> that is amazing. >> complete coverage and the countdown to sochi continues online at there you can sign up for our newsletters that updates you on the athletes and a look at behind the scenes. >> the parents of those two girls have to be very proud of them. they're already winners. our winning forecast from jeff ranieri. >> if we can't get the rainfall,
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these are some pretty winning numbers for us. it is record setting, but not too disruptive. san jose at 75 degrees. it's what we should have in april here across the bay area. oakland at 74. san francisco airport at 72, a new record. we talked about the spot hitting 75 for tomorrow. i thought you were surprised by this. it's not going to be in the superior valleys. half moon bay expecting that 75 tomorrow. if we reach that, that will be a new record. we should have 358 at this time of the year. it's about the dry, offshore winds that will help the coastline get hotter than some of the interior locations. the wind picks up extra heat, if you will, getting those temperatures hotter. take a look at the temperature spread right now. 36 in the north bay. that's where the winds are the calmest right now. south bay, we have the wind picking up throughout the
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valley, gusting to about 18 miles per hour, and in the silicon valley and again that is why those numbers there in san jose are currently at 50 degrees. so let's get a look at the overall pattern. high pressure centered offshore yet again. it's three days it's been sitting out here in the pacific. but the biggest change we're going to see is that area of high pressure is going to sit on top of the bay area and force more compressional heating down to the surface, and continue to drive these winds offshore. so yes, i think tomorrow again, record seating heat, widespread 70s, with some of the largest extremes against the coastline with moderate to poor air quality. the other thing we'll notice tomorrow morning are the extremes for the morning hours to the afternoon. all beginning in the 30s. by the afternoon, jumping some 30 to 40 degrees in that forecast. let's take a look at the numbers for tomorrow. it is going to be sunny. also, 1 to 2 degrees warmer.
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now the second consecutive day of this hot air. san jose at 74 degrees. check it out in palo alto. 75 tomorrow. redwood city at 74. and san francisco, going forward again with low 70s in downtown. for the north bay and east bay, a little different here in the north bay. you start off so cold with the low 30s. that's going to take you a little more range to warm up by the afternoon. 72 expected in napa. oakland, 74. for pleasanton, 73. the overall trend, as you can see in the seven-day forecast, we'll cool off by the weekend. it's going to be slow going to get there. tomorrow, temperatures in the mid 70s. thursday, a few changes here across san jose and the east bay. as we head throughout friday's forecast, some 60s expected as we get more of an on shore flow returning back towards the coastline. then as we head throughout
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saturday's forecast, looks as if the fog will build back at the coastline with areas of 60s expected in san francisco. so saturday is the day if you want the cool weather, lit be back here in the bay area. >> thank you, jeff. police raid the bieber's manage. details straight ahead. [ superfan ] we're hitting the road to help america discover the new helper.
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is accusing the singer of egging his home. the neighbor says the eggs caused $20,000 worth of damage to the front of his home, making it a felony. a dozen detectives swarmed the house with a search warrant to look for surveillance video. while there, they arrested a guest after they spotted cocaine. bieber was not arrested and that he was not exonerated in the egging accusations. take a look. this is video from a dash cam of a police car in florida. it's the latest example of how dangerous it is to text while driving. the driver veers off the road and boom, flips over. the man wasn't hurt and did admit he was texting. a giant change for pablo sandoval. that's next.
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here's what happens with dave feldman. if the 49ers win in seattle, he
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decides to go on the road and then he'll go to new york for the super bowl. >> it's not like i decide. the bosses decide. and i go along with it. >> sure, you do. >> you know how that is. 49ers carlos rogers ready to return from a hammy injured he suffered in week 17. but playing a division opponent on sunday, that the 49ers know so very well, well, that necessitates adding to their playbook as well as their roster. >> yeah, it was something new. every week, it's something new added. but on defense, you're going to add two or three new plays. offense is the same way. you can't go through a whole week of practicing something new. you're going to do what got you there. with a team like them, they're going to punch you. and you have to take their punch and counter that with some positive plays on your own. both teams are alike. once one come, it's like a run
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in basketball. once a team makes they run, you have to withstand and and at the end of the game you've got to have more points. >> jason tarver will be back with the silver and black in 2014. the team resigned him thursday. his return means both coordinators will be in oakland next season, as greg olson remains under contract for another year. sharks beginning their road trip in d.c. at the verizon center. first period, tyler kennedy is going to score on the deflection. that's his fourth of the year. bang, bang. 1-0, sharks. second period, same score. alexander ovechkin, and he notches his 33rd goal of the year. that leads the nhl. tie game. in a shootout, patrick marleau scores with the quick wrister. >> we almost got it to the point
11:29 pm
where we didn't take the penalty. we talked about using our legs to check rather than our sticks or hands. worked until the last minute, but penalty kill did a good job. seems pablo sandoval is telling reporters he's dropped 42 pounds this off-season. a source said that pablo weighed as much as 280 last year. the panda is in his time year of a contract, with the giants. can't wait for the thin picks. i'm dan feldman. raj and jess are back with more of the news right after this.
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soon, californians from sacramento to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of health. welcome to covered california.
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we are your health insurance marketplace. enroll today at okay, what do you think, should babies be allowed in fancy restaurants? a former bay area chef tweeted the question, causing some controversy. he works in chicago at one of
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the most expensive restaurants in the city. he tweeted -- >> the chef tweeted this picture with the caption, definitely not baby food. >> it's a debate. >> a baby might eat that, i don't know. >> thanks for joining us. jay leno is next. >> bye-bye.
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